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If you prefer being more active: this is very easy in the Anjou!

Cycling, walking and swimming
Lavau is situated in the Parc naturel regional Loire-Anjou-Touraine, a large protected natural area where a lot of attention is given to landscape management. For example, you can ride part of the bike route La Loire à velo through the park. La Loire à velo is a household word in France, 600 kilometres of cycling through the most beautiful areas along the Loire. Part of this famous bike route runs through the alternating landscape of the Anjou. For hikers, too, this area offers an extensive network of short and long distance hiking trails. Have you been active on a hot day and looking for refreshment? This is easily found in the village. It has a lovely lake for swimming, where small children can paddle nicely.

Wine tasting
Something you really should do in addition to walking and cycling when you are on holiday in this area is wine tasting. The wine country between Angers and Saumur, with its 20,000 hectares and 30 Appelations d’Origine, is the third largest AOC area of France. On the south bank of the Loire in particular a large number of vineyards stretch out, where you can taste mostly excellent wines at the wine farmers’. The Cremant de Loire, a sparkling white wine and refreshing appetizer is certainly worth trying.

Then there is the Loire, Western Europe’s last untamed and unpredictable river … A large river always causes a desire in people to make trips. You can do active trips by renting a canoe for a trip on the Loire or one of the other rivers at the Anjou. But you can also board a vessel at Saint-Mathurin-sur-Loire for a circular trip and have a guide tell you everyting about the plants, animals and interesting history of the fishing villages along the river.

Golfing and ballooning
Golf is a popular sport in France, too. Proof of this are the two splendid 18-hole golf courses near Lavau. Both in Angers and Baugé you will find beautifully laid out golf courses. If your feel the urge to do something more adventureous: what can be more beautiful than to follow the wind and see the Loire area floating by underneath you from a montgolfier or air balloon. You can experience a balloon trip in the evenings or early mornings. A trip’s total duration mostly is three hours, which includes inflating the balloon, the trip and the ride back to the start. Depending on the company where you booked your trip, you will get breakfast after a morning trip and a glass of Cremant after an evening trip

In short: the Loire area has everything to please an active person. This is just a short description of all possibilities; if you want to orientate yourself further, you will see a number of hyperlinks below.

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