To see

The Loire region is fascinatingly beautiful and has plenty of surprises in store for you. The majestic river that meanders through the beautiful, varied landscape.

Visit the stately castles, the historic cities such as Angers, Saumur, Nantes and Tours with many museums, cathedrals and beautiful architecture, but also discover the many colourful gardens and parks, endless vineyards, unique cave dwellings and picturesque villages.

To do

Prefer to be more active? The Loire region offers countless possibilities!

Numerous walking and cycling routes take you through rolling countryside where meadows, fields of sunflowers, forests, vineyards and the banks of the river alternate.

You can also go canoeing, take a nice boat trip, swim, play golf and much more. At the end of the day, the blessing of silence and beautiful views await you at Lavau.