About us

Lavau is a small tourist company situated on a hill just outside Fontaine-Guerin. Its magnificent position, its overwhelming view of the valley with its ever-changing light and the presence of three caves on our own grounds made us fall for this unique location.

We want to offer our guests a pleasant stay at Lavau. Not just as a base for you to explore the area, but also to get some lovely rest and relaxation. It goes without saying that this is accompanied by a tasty meal. A few times a week you can enjoy delicious and honest dishes we prepare with fresh local seasonal produce. All this, how could it be different in wine country, over a good glass of wine.

Lavau’s roots go back to the Netherlands. Next to our farm was an old cowshed which we converted into a holiday cottage. We received our first guests there in 2005, who were followed by many other nice and enthousiastic people from all over Europe and even far beyond. This “tasted” of more and gradually through the years our wish grew to continue this on a larger scale in France. After a thorough orientation and search throughout France we found “our spot” in the Loire area In October 2010 we settled here permanently.

The big challenge for us is to develop Lavau further and develop it into a holiday paradise. When doing this we aim to preserve its small-scale character, which is one of its great charms.

Come and taste the atmosphere and let yourself be surprised by all Lavau has to offer. Throughout the year we welcome you with all our heart.

Anita Hompus and Vries Zuidam

Chambre de la Commerce Siret no. 53043174100012 art. 293 B CGI